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16 Effective Ways Tech Businesses Can Build Truly Inclusive Teams.

16 Effective Ways Tech Businesses Can Build Truly Inclusive Teams

Developing an effective diversity, equity and inclusion program is about more than checking off boxes, and its impact goes beyond the hiring process. An inclusive tech team is one that can better serve a diverse customer base and support each other. Leaders of tech companies who do all they can to ensure they build teams whose members have varied backgrounds and experiences are making a smart business decision.

Developing and maintaining a truly inclusive tech team takes dedication and effort, but the results are well worth it. Below, 16 members of  Forbes Technology Council share keys to building an inclusive tech space.

1. Develop An Intersectionality Lens

One of the essential keys to building an inclusive tech space is developing an intersectionality lens—an approach recognizing that every person has their own unique experiences of discrimination or disadvantages. Understanding this will help you create the framework for a more inclusive work culture, increase retention and increase your reach. -  Tal Frankfurt, Cloud for Good

2. Be Aware Of Unconscious Bias

Develop awareness of the prevalence of unconscious bias. Access at any level to an inclusive tech ecosystem and an inclusive tech product only follows from awareness of the need for change. This means awareness on the part of every stakeholder in the tech ecosystem of how unconscious bias and privilege lead to biased decision making. The sharing of knowledge and facts is the only thing that will expose the unconscious bias inherent in the system. -  Willemijn Schneyder, SwipeGuide....


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