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2021 Study Of Gender Diversity On Private Company Boards.

2021 Study Of Gender Diversity On Private Company Boards

This study was produced through a collaboration between Him For Her and Crunchbase. Contributors include Laura Gluhanich, Emma Cotter and Sarah Mosley of Him For Her, Albrey Brown of Airtable, and Gené Teare from Crunchbase. Base10 and Emergence Capital contributed supplementary data to this research. Lauren Rivera, professor at Kellogg School of Management, co-authored the original benchmark study on which this update is based.

The study

When it comes to board diversity, public companies attract the most scrutiny. How do high-growth private companies—those often credited with driving technical innovation and disrupting established industries—fare in terms of diversity in the boardroom?

That’s what Him For Her set out to understand three years ago. In 2019, through a collaboration with Crunchbase and Kellogg School of Management Professor Lauren Rivera, we published the first of our annual tracking studies measuring diversity on the boards of the most heavily funded private companies. This report summarizes our findings for 2021, providing a third set of data points as we track progress and trends in private-company board composition. 

Included in this study are 500 companies, which represent nearly $140 billion in funding and more than 180,000 employees, and their combined 3,437 board members (3,042 unique people).

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