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5 Reasons To Break The Bias Around Women In Tech for IWD.

5 Reasons To Break The Bias Around Women In Tech for IWD

It’s International Women’s Day, and we’re being encouraged to Break the Bias. If you’re a woman working in tech, well done! You’ve already overcome many biases to get here. But as a society, we’ve got a long way to go. With International Women’s Day looming,

When I was working on my book Breaking the Gender Code, it was my son who helped me to see that the biases around gender are a type of coding, inspired by his own computer coding lessons at school. We’re coded by the Gender Code to see men and women as intrinsically different. And to lean into stereotypes around men being better at STEM and women being better at creative and caring roles.

So in honour of IWD 20222, here’s five ways we need to break the bias and ditch the out of date Gender Code:

For parents, carers and role models who want to help break the bias from the start...

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