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5 ways organizations can create sustainable workforces.

5 ways organizations can create sustainable workforces

There is a growing focus on whether organizations are managing their people in a sustainable way – one that that satisfies material needs, does not detract from physical health and promotes wellbeing. Workforce sustainability benefits organizations by avoiding excessive turnover, maintaining a good level of productivity and underpinning business success.

But the reported trend of “quiet quitting”, people just working to their job description and not beyond (around half of American workers according to Gallup), shows that many employees do not see what is required of them at work as sustainable. The “Great Resignation”, which has been characterized by people reassessing what they expect from their work, and even whether they want to work at all, also persists and points to fundamental issues with workforce sustainability. Resignations in the United States have been running at over four million a month for the past year, a historic high.

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