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7 secrets of successful digital transformations.

7 secrets of successful digital transformations

Getting digital right requires more than executive buy-in and financial commitment. It requires a nuanced approach to strategy, implementation, and collaboration.

Organizations that continued full speed ahead with their digital transformation initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic are able to ruminate on what went right and what they would have done differently, with the benefit of hindsight.

Some of what they’ve gleaned comes as no surprise: A successful digital transformation requires executive buy-in, constant communication with business units, and of course, financial commitment. A newly released report from Deloitte supports that, noting that a straightforward, compelling “north star” narrative is critical to success for 38% of executive respondents. A leader also needs to devote time and energy to drive a transformation forward. When a chief transformation officer contributed an additional 15% of their time, the probability of success improved by approximately 16%, according to the study.

In terms of financial investment, half of the survey respondents indicated that their organizations invest between 1% and 5% of annual revenue on transformation programs.

But there are lesser-known, less obvious attributes of a successful digital program. CIOs and other IT leaders share seven secrets of how to get digital transformation right.

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