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Women In Tech: The Key To Success Post-Pandemic.

Women In Tech: The Key To Success Post-Pandemic

As leaders in technology gather in person and virtually this week at CES to witness the latest innovations, women in tech should be top of mind—especially given the continuing stresses of the global pandemic. Why? Consider the following:

  • Only 38% of women in technology feel their organization’s commitment to supporting them during the pandemic has been sufficient, and just 30% say their employer increased their access to flexible work. [i]
  • 51% of women in technology feel less optimistic about their career prospects now than before the pandemic, and 57% expect to leave their employer for a new role within 2 years—citing lack of work-life balance as the biggest reason. [ii]

It’s sentiments like these and their impact on the sector that has made the importance of supporting women in tech one of the key trends in Deloitte’s 2022 Predictions.  If technology companies want to succeed in the coming year and beyond, they need to renew their commitment to advancing gender diversity in tech—especially as COVID-19 moves from pandemic to endemic.

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